Something to remember you(r special day) by

You may have heard of them, they go by multiple names like souvenirs, favours and take-home-gifts and they have become event must-haves, especially for weddings.

We know that planning a wedding requires coming up with new and fresh ideas to make your big day stand out from the rest but when you have been planning a wedding for what seems like forever, coming up with original wedding favours can be a titanic (and annoying) task. That is why we have come up with this Wedding Favours 101 so you don't have to.

Make It Personal

The only time when you need to forget the "never take anything personal" rule is when you are planning a wedding. Everything is personal, in the best of ways. We´ve talked about personalised signs and stationery in the past and the same applies when selecting favours. Giving your guests, arguably the most special people in your life, something that expresses your love and attention (to them and to detail) will make your special day even more so.

Think key chains or luggage tags with each of their names engraved on them. If you want to go overboard with the personalisation factor you can also opt to handwrite notes expressing your love to those extra special guests.


Yes, they are technically take-home-gifts, but that doesn't mean that your guests shouldn't be able to use them during the party! We are talking about drink stirrers, tags and coasters. You can personalise these ones too or have them display your initials, wedding date or even your favourite quote. Now everytime one of your favourite peoople has a drink, they will remember what an amazing wedding you threw!

Life-long Presents

Plants have became a popular souvenir in weddings and events for their versatility. While they compliment certain décor styles, they also are eco-friendly and can last a lifetime if you know how to choose them (and if your guests don't kill them). Crowd favourites include different species of succulents and cacti and soil with seeds to be planted in the future! Bonus: you can add a little tag with a message to each pot.

Please Note: Apostrophe S doesn't sell plants but we can design the tags for your souvenirs in any style you wish.

Succulents in Pots with Tags
Succulents Make a Great Boho or Rustic Favour. Source: Pinterest

Drink It And Weep

Or is that really necessary? There is no need for your guests to suffer from a hungover if the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. come to the rescue (wink wink). Giving an after party care package is a brilliant idea if you don't want to break the bank but also know that your friends and family have a long drive -if you know what I mean-. A hangover kit can be as simple or as fancy as you want to. Some ideas include: make your own bloody mary, a first aid kit or even comfort food.

  • Make your own Bloody Mary: A V8 Veggie or Tomato Juice can, a mini bottle of vodka and a mini tabasco sauce, done!

  • First Aid Kit: Sparkling or Still Water, Panadol, Pepto Bismol or Alka-Seltzer, everything in individual/mini sizes.

  • Comfort Snacks: chips, chocolate, lollies, the sky is the limit with this one.

Recovery Kits
Source: Pinterest

An Old Time Favourite

What is the first thing that goes off the moment the beat drops? HEELS! And honestly, who wants to be dacing bare foot in a sea of people and drinks and people who have had drinks? NO ONE. That is why more and more brides gravitate towards giving our slippers or flip-flops. Yes, it's a gender focused favour but a very useful one indeed. Your girls will thank you endlesly AND your future hubby also gets to pick a boys-only favour like sunglasses, hats or bottle openers.

Pro-tip: instead of giving plain slippers or flip flops, have them printed with your names, initials or wedding date.

Flip-flops in basket
Source: Pinterest

When In Rome...

This one is particularly cute for destination weddings. Let's say you are hosting your wedding in Mexico, why not giving something typical of the region? Like a mini bottle of Tequila or a traditional chilli candy? Your guests will immerse into the culture while enjoying the wedding of the year!

PS: Don't forget to do a bit of research before selecting your wedding favours ;)

Limoncello Bottle
Source Pinterest

Lights Will Guide You Home

You guessed it! Candles are the ultimate take-home-gifts. They are luxurious, ellegant and as big or small as you want them to be. Mix and match styles and scents and select who gets what according to each guest (this last bit will require a bit more planning but totally worth it if you are hosting a small wedding and know all your guests inside and out).

Personalised Candle
Source: Confetti Candle Co. | Pinterest

Remember there is an ocean of ideas out there and the simpliest things often make the bests take-home-gifts. Stay true to yours and your partner's personalities and find something you both love and everything else will fall into place.

Don't forget to comment below what your favourite wedding favours are!

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