The Ultimate Wedding Signage Guide Sydney

Is your big day fast approaching? Are you frantically scrambling to get all the details and items together to make your and your bride and groom's day forgettable and unique? Then don't forget about wedding signage!

Here at Apostrophe S, we offer a variety of Sydney wedding signage that will be guaranteed to dazzle your guests and make your day special. But, you may be asking yourself: what exactly is a wedding sign? Wedding signage is any type of sign that may appear on your big day, whether that be welcome signage, seating charts, menu & bar signs or anything in between.

If you're feeling uncertain about what wedding signage you need or what the purpose of each sign is, fear not! We're here to help. Here is your ultimate Sydney Wedding Signage guide of all the wedding signs you should think about getting to make your wedding perfect:

Welcome Wedding Signage:

Welcome signs will be displayed at the front of your venue in a convenient location to let your guests know they're in the right place. Welcome wedding signage is a great idea for any happy couple who is looking to wow their guests from the get-go with a beautiful, modern custom sign.

Our welcome sign collection features a range of designs so that you can find the one that fits your theme the best. Our welcome wedding signs are fully customisable with you and your bride or groom's name, a message, and the date of the event.

If you're searching for something understated and subtle, our New York Welcome wedding sign is the perfect option for you! It has the initials of you and your bride and groom at centre stage to pop out at the guests.

If your wedding is outdoors, such as on a beach, you might be looking for a more natural form of wedding signage. Our Seville welcome sign is the perfect choice for a beach wedding; we're sure that you will find the perfect wedding signage for you and your bride and groom within our wide and customisable selection!

Welcome wedding signage is perfect for taking some stress off your big day by ensuring all your guests can quickly identify your venue. You can even put a guestbook under your wedding signage so that your friends and family can sign their names as they come into the wedding, which will save significant extra work for your wedding planner!

Seating Charts:

Seating charts are an essential piece of wedding signage since they will be used to show the guests where they should be sitting. This means that any good seating chart should be legible and easy to understand so that you don't have a bunch of guests crowded around your seating chart scratching their heads about where to sit!

It may even be a good idea to invest in a few seating charts depending on the capacity of your wedding so that there are enough for everyone to identify where they are sitting easily.

If you're looking for seating charts that are easy to read while still being extremely stylish and fitting with a wedding theme, browse our seating chart wedding signage section to see our designs. Our seating charts will surely fit your wedding's theme and wow your guests!

Place Cards:

Once people have looked at your beautiful seating charts to figure out what table they're at, they're going to need to know where to sit too! Place cards are a form of wedding signage that shows your guests where on the table they should be sitting. They are generally quite small, consisting only of each guest's name, and are traditionally placed on plates.

If you want your place cards to be unique and memorable, take a look at our place cards wedding signage section and our inventive designs. We offer a Seychelles Key-chain design that is unlike anything your guests will have seen! We also offer a Lyon Luggage tag which will be sure to put a smile on your guests' faces. All of our place cards are completely customisable with each guest's name.

Menu & Bar Signs:

When it comes to your wedding, who could forget about food and drink!? Menu & Bar signs are one of the most essential forms of wedding signage, as they will indicate to your guests what is on offer for them.

Since menu & bar signs are likely to be scrutinised deeply by hungry and thirsty guests waiting to get to their parties, the wedding signage must be sleek and classy to get their heads in the right space!

Our menu & bar sign shop offers a great variety of menu & bar signs unlike any you would usually see at a wedding. So if you're looking for some wedding signage to set you apart from the crowd, our menu & bar signs are sure to do the trick.

We have wedding signage that is suited to larger food menus, such as our Seoul Plate Menu, as well as more subtle and short drink menus and indicators such as our Prague and Lyon drinks sign. So whether you're looking for an extensive food menu, or a simple sign to tell people where they can get their booze on, our range is sure to do the trick!


Investing in good wedding signage is essential to making your wedding stand out for you and your guests! Make sure to pick out a great welcome sign to let your guests know they're in the right place. Then, pick some dazzling and easy-to-read seating charts so your guests can get to their table at ease.

Awaiting them at their table should be personalised place cards telling them where to sit. Then they can peruse some custom menu & bar signs to find the right meal for them to get the party started!

If you're looking for high-quality, customisable wedding signage and more, head to our shop and make your big day a bit more special.

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