How to Add That Extra Touch to Your Wedding Day!

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect. That's why brides and grooms dedicate so much time to finding the perfect dress or suit, planning the ideal food, hiring the perfect venue, and ensuring everything goes right!

So if you're a bride or groom hoping to have the best wedding ever, we're sure you've considered this question in your planning process: How can I make my wedding stand out from the crowd? What can I do to make my wedding feel unique to me?

Here at Apostrophe S, we have the answer to your question! We offer a variety of personalised products for the bride and groom for wedding events. From wedding cards and wedding invitations to wedding signs, we have all the customisable accessories a bride or groom could dream of!

Recently, we've found that brides and grooms are opting for grand wedding signage to welcome their guests to their special day. We provide a wide variety of personalised wedding signage, which is sure to wow your guests and set your wedding off on a unique foot!

Wedding signage is a great option to add some extra personality to your wedding. It will dazzle the guests, is completely customisable and can be kept as a keepsake.

Here are some reasons why wedding signage might be the perfect extra touch you've been looking for on your big day:

Our Wedding Signage is Personalised:

If you’re looking to make your wedding really feel like your own, our wedding signage is totally customisable to provide you with that extra personal touch to greet your guests on your big day.

You can select from various different templates for wedding signage in our shop. Once you've found the perfect wedding signage to fit your theme, you can have it customised. For example, have your and your partner's name engraved on the sign and the date of your event. You can even pick the size of the sign, its colour, and the colour of the text!

We can even make wedding signage for events leading up to your wedding. For example, if you're planning a bridal shower, you can use our signage as a great countdown to the wedding! Customise the sign with your name and a countdown of days until the ceremony to get everyone excited for the big event!

Using our wedding signage will assure your wedding event feels personal to you and will be sure to dazzle all the guests who arrive to set them up for the beautiful event you have worked tirelessly to make perfect!

We Offer a Wide Variety of Wedding Signage:

No matter what theme you're going for at your wedding, we're sure that our selection of wedding signage will offer something that suits you. Looking for something classy and subtle? Our Lyon wedding signage provides a sleek arc-shaped welcome for your guests, which exudes elegance and class.

If you’re looking for something luxury, our New York wedding signage is a popular design. This design offers a sophisticated design with the initials of you and your bride and groom as the centre stage of the sign. This is the perfect bonus for anyone looking to plan a chic wedding.

Our Seville design is the perfect understated sign for anyone going for a natural theme with their wedding event. If you're setting up your wedding in an outdoor space such as a beach, this stylish wedding signage will be the perfect detail to spruce up the environment!

For a more contemporary look, we offer an Ankara wedding signage which will provide you with a modern and trendy sign that will add an extra flourish to your ceremony! So whether your wedding is traditional, contemporary, luxury, natural or anything in-between, here at Apostrophe S, we will have a sign that is sure to suit your needs.

Wedding Signage is a Great Keepsake to Remember Your Wedding By:

We're sure you'll get plenty of gifts, photographs, and memories to commemorate you and your partner's union. So why not add to the keepsakes of your wedding event with our signage, which will be sure to have you reminiscing about how perfect your big day was!

Our wedding signage works excellently as a decorative feature for you to remember your wedding day by. That means that by purchasing one, you're not only buying something to wow the guests upon their arrival, but you're also buying something that you can reuse to decorate your home as a reminder of your big day!

Have your wedding signage framed so that you can hang it after your wedding event. It's a great souvenir to remember your wedding by!

Our Wedding Signage Can Clear Up Any Confusion on the Big Day

If your wedding is in a remote destination or anywhere where it may not be exactly clear where to go, wedding signage is the perfect practical solution! Wedding signage will help guests know that they have come to the right place by displaying you and the bride or groom's name in big and bright text.

This is useful since it will save you and your planners the hassle of ensuring everyone knows where they are going. Then, on the day, you won't need anyone to direct your guests, and you can assure they will know what door to go through at the right time. You can even put a guest book underneath the sign so that your guests can sign and write messages as they enter the ceremony!


Wedding Signage is the perfect extra touch to add to your wedding day to make it just that extra bit special! As well as looking classy and chic, wedding signage can assure your guests that they are in the right place and take away unnecessary stress from your big day.

If wedding signage sounds like the perfect match for your wedding, head to our shop to look at all our customisable designs. Why not browse our host of other wedding items while you're there too?! Our selection is sure to make your special day that one bit better!

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